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Osteopathy and Acupuncture


“Kevin Bell has magic fingers. Speaking as someone who has had a lot of back problems in his time, I can confidently say that he is the best Osteopath I’ve ever met.”

Dylan Jones, Editor-in-chief, GQ Magazine


“I have been seeing Kevin since 2003. He is the WD40 for bodies. The fact that my body still moves is due in no small measure to his treatment of various back, rotator cuff, “golfers elbow” and IT band ailments. He manages to mix proper “hands on” massage and manipulation with acupuncture – so he usually finds a way through the problem ….. and he is a good guy!”

Mark Rawlinson, Chairman, UK Investment Banking at Morgan Stanley




“My teacher, Ros, is fantastic. She is so professional, attentive to every move and such a lovely, positive person. I always feel relaxed and full of energy after my class. My physical shape has improved, as well as my core stability and postural awareness. I feel a lot more toned. The lesson is completely tailor made to my needs and Ros always makes sure everything is perfect from the placement of my feet to my spinal alignment. I cannot recommend Pilates at the Harcourt Clinic enough.”

Galina Danilenko, Commercial Director, Angela Shanley Associates Ltd


“Thanks to Ros, I am moving again. I am no longer in pain. With stronger muscles and better posture, I am looking better too – fabulous!”

Christina Stock, Teacher